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HAIKU-LAND - Let’s interact in the world of 5-7-5! - / HAIKU-LAND -5-7-5で国際交流!-

2021.12.03(Fri) UTokyo members only Facebook Twitter Line

Event Overview

Have you heard of haiku, the world-shortest poetry of Japan? Join us a relaxing Friday night to learn about & create haiku with other UTokyo participants! GO tutors(*) will be your host and supporter in languages as always. First timers, repeaters to our events, feel free to join us! UTokyo members only.

(*)About GO Tutors: https://www.globalkomaba.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp/en/inbound/support/tutoring/go_tutor/




◆Haiku Introduction/ History/ Groupwork

◆俳句の説明 / 歴史 / グループワーク


Time & date(s) 2021.12.03(Fri)
19:00 - 20:30
Venue Online / オンライン開催
Who should participate International Students & Foreign Researchers (Japanese students, Faculty & Staff are also welcome!)
Advance Registration Required
Registration Please sign up from the event webpage below. / イベントHPからお申込みください。
Cost Free
URL (日本語)https://www.globalkomaba.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp/event/20211203-00001796.html
Hosted by International Education Support Office Komaba Branch, UTokyo / 東京大学国際化教育支援室駒場支部
Contact iekomaba.adm*gs.mail.u-tokyo.ac.jp(*は@に置き換えてご送信ください)